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​About the Feldenkrais method

About the Feldenkrais method

The Feldenkrais method is a mind-body method based on body movements and awareness. Through gentle movements and guided attention, it helps people learn how to perform all physical activities more easily, such as walking, walking, and walking. Sitting, turning over, turning around, going from sitting to standing, from sitting to lying down, even breathing, talking, typing and writing. As you rediscover the innate ease and ease you had as a child and discover new flexibility, balance, strength and coordination in the movements you perform every day, you will discover that you The self-image and quality of life have been improved more positively.


Around the world, the Feldenkrais Method, in addition to being used to improve the above-mentioned basic functions in life, is also widely used to increase the professional performance of athletes and musicians, recover from accidental injuries or diseases (such as stroke, cerebral palsy, etc.) paralysis, etc.), assist patients with autism or head injuries to increase communication and cognitive learning, assist in the improvement of physiological functions (such as vision, breathing), etc. These effects are thought to be related to the brain's neuroplasticity.

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